Magnesium is a mineral, abundant in our bodies. When levels are optimal the health benefits are many. Improved bone health, calcium absorption, improved metabolism, heart health, as well as assisting in the functioning of hundreds of enzymes. Magnesium can be taken in our diet, orally as a supplement and  is thought to be absorbed into our bodies through our skin. Consider one hour in our V2 Dreampod- an isolation tank 7’4” x 4’7” with 30cm of body temperature, magnesium saturated water. The pod is a warm, safe environment for you to float, sleep, heal, dream, relax whatever your mind and body feels the need to do in that hour.

For the first 10 minutes expect soothing solfeggio frequencies that promote mental and physical healing as the tank reflects chakra colours to help soothe you into a state of well being and relaxation.

As the light and music fades.. the time is yours.

One hour of blissful peace, free from external distractions- light, sound, gravity – no kids, no work, no jobs.. 

..and relax.

What you get

We offer two V2 Dreampods:

Black Stealth ( the first Black Dreampod in WA ) and White Snow.


 White Snow

stunning white in the pristine Snow room


The Black Stealth

“..with its black polished finish, absorbs 97.5% of the visible light spectrum, creating the ultimate distraction-free float experience.”- Dreamwater FloatCo

How to prepare for your Float

Avoid shaving 12 hours prior to floating, salt stings

Avoid  heavy meals- ideally a light meal at least 1 hour before

No alcohol or drugs to be used before or during your float

Avoid floating within 7 days of colouring your hair

Don’t forget to use the bathroom!

What to expect from your first float experience

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow time for any questions you might have to be answered and to ensure your session starts on time.

  1. Once you enter the private float room, remove all clothing, contacts, and jewellery
  2. Shower to remove any oils and/or fragrance
  3. Dry your face and insert ear plugs, then step into the pod
  4. Sit on the floor of the pod, lower the lid, then lie back..
  5. Lights are controlled by you – simply press the green button to turn them off
  6. Soft meditation-type audio will be heard in the water and will fade after 5 minutes.( yes, even through ear plugs!)
  7. Find your comfortable position and allow your mind and body to enter a deep state of relaxation for one hour.
  8. After your hour, audio will fade back in signalling the remaining 5 minutes of your session
  9. Step out of the pod and shower again.
  10. Locally made natural shampoo, conditioner and body wash are provided to remove any salt residue. Snuggle into a fluffy white towel and dry off.
  11. Dress, and exit the Float Room.
  12. You may use our bathroom and hair drying facilities if you require or return to our sunny foyer to enjoy a herbal tea or water and your post float glow