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Briefly about Floatation Therapy R.E.S.T

Floatation therapy (also known as R.E.S.T – RESTRICTED ENVIRONMENTAL STIMULATION THERAPY) offers an hour of escape.


ear plugs and sound proofed rooms 



No/low light, chakra colours 


  sensory deprivation- where your mind withdraws into a peaceful state of relaxation in dense warm magnesium saturated water giving your mind and body R.E.S.T. 


What Floating can do for you

The combined benefits of sensory deprivation therapy and magnesium sulphate are already  well established. 

The Float experience provides both.

Read on, we’ll tell you more..

At Float Swan Valley your body and mind can seek relief from:

Stress, pain, tension, anxiety and depression

As well as:

Enhancing creativity, improving quality of sleep, assisting with athletic performance and recovery, reducing jetlag, stabilising hormonal imbalances, not to mention how great your skin feels after an hour of magnesium soaking!